Meadows Edge is the #1 deer feed in the country and also has the highest calcium ratios available on the market! Feel free to give us a call if you'd like us to run a comparison against your current deer feed.

Owner of Meadows Edge Deer Fuel, Robert Jenkins, has been managing feeding habits and rashions for over 40 years. He has extensive knowledge of feed rashions and animal management for cows, deer, hogs and turkey on his own 4000 acre plantation.

Meadows Edge Deer Feed is the best high protein deer feed on the market. It was born out of an absolute commitment to providing the highest level of deer nutrition. Our high protein deer feed is based on the microbiology of a deer rumen. Technically we feed rumen microbes instead of feeding the deer. Deer are ruminants, that allows them to eat high fiber forages, and the rumen microbes break that forage down to a source the their body can use and absorb. We have designed our feed to enhance this complicated digestive system. We use high quality sources of protein. The protein in our feed is readily broken down in the rumen and contributes to deer growth.

Although fat is a good energy source, the deer’s rumen can only use small amounts of it. We do not use “by products” that are difficult for the rumen microbes to break down into usable nutrients for the animal.There are some feed ingredients that test high in protein and energy, but these ingredients are not easily broken down by rumen microbes. Many times these ingredients are priced very low, therefore they can decrease the price of feed, but the animal is not able to fully utilize the nutrients they contain.

We use grains that produce high levels of microbial protein. We use performance minerals that follow pathways for high utilization by the animal. When you invest in Meadows Edge Deer Fuel Deer Feed, you get products that are completely utilized by the animal and give you the most return for your dollar. Our products consist of an 11%, 18% and 21% deer feed. For six years prior to purchasing the company, we fed Meadows Edge on our plantation. The difference in our size and antler growth from feeding the various other companies’ feed was unbelievable. We know we have the best nutrition available for deer, tried and proven. We encourage game managers and trophy hunting clubs to do the same for all the above stated reasons. *For information on Cinnagar please visit Click Here

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